Rotary Club York family tree planting partnership with Treemendous York.

November 2018

York Rotary Club is offering a wonderful opportunity to the parents of every child born in York in 2018/19: under a project named the York Family Tree Partnership they can have a tree planted on a site in York, and a certificate proving it.

This partnership is coordinated by Frank Paterson of York Rotary, who got in touch with Treemendous in 2017. Philip Crowe, Chair of Treemendous, managed to negotiate with York St John University who offered their land on the banks of the River Foss on the Haxby Road. Derek Utley, a Treemendous member and Woodland Trust Woodland Creation Champion, arranged for the Woodland Trust to supply the trees. Contributions were made by York Register Office, the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust, and Brunswick Organic Nursery, and York Cares organised the tree-planting volunteers from Portakabin and Benenden Health.

The tree planting took place over two damp days at the end of November 840 saplings, or whips, were planted by a total of some 20 volunteers. The trees were all native deciduous trees including Oak, Birch, Hazel and Hawthorn, chosen to encourage the biodiversity typical of woodland and which wildlife so desperately needs. The baby trees will grow alongside the baby children, will help make the environment healthier for them, and act against climate change and pollution. And Rotary’s goal of sustainable service and commitment to communities will take another step forward.

Looking ahead, aftercare work will be undertaken by Rotary Club members, checking canes and protection tubes to keep grass growth to a minimum to allow more light and water for growth. Another planting of 420 trees is planned for March 2019 on an adjacent site.

The Press, Radio York and York TV were all present on a very damp tree planting day

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We still need land to plant trees, so please ask about the leaflet ‘Carbon Off Set Opportunity with Treemendous York, which offers land, money or help to plant trees as a climate change mitigation measure

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Now here’s the plan.... are the trees....

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It’s hard work

But it’s fun.

They seem to be doing OK, Frank.

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