About Treemendous

The Concept

The “TREEMENDOUS” project to plant in excess of 50,000 trees (Why Trees) in Greater York was launched following the publication in 2010 of the “York - New City Beautiful” report prepared by Prof. Alan Simpson and his team for City of York Council. It contained many recommendations on "green" issues, including proposals for major tree planting.

“TREEMENDOUS”, backed by City of York Council, brought together groups and individuals with an interest in trees to establish a programme for implementing this objective, including the Woodland Trust, Edible York, York Wildlife Trust, TCV, York Tree Wardens, Interfaith Groups, York Environment Forum, St Nicks and Northern Orchard Group. We have extended our remit to include not only trees, including fruit trees, but hedgerows which we record in the context of reinforcing green corridors within the built-up areas, with their attendant wildlife benefits. All our sustainable schemes contribute to the (SUDS) surface water and natural flood management agenda, which is of such concern to the Environment Agency and the Council. They also contribute to the Council's emerging Climate Change, Carbon Reduction, and Biodiversity and Green Infrastructure policies.


We work with businesses, local community and “Friends” groups, parish councils, schools, residents‘ associations and individuals, advising on choice of site; scheme design and species selection; public consultation; obtaining quotations; placing contracts; identifying possible funding opportunities; preparing bid documents for funding and sometimes act as project manager; and liaising closely with the Council in utility searches, highway and other potential constraints.

“TREEMENDOUS” is a constituted body, and acts as a facilitator, offering its expertise on a voluntary basis, free of charge, to those who subscribe to our “green” agenda. Funds from successful bids are paid directly into the bidder's accounts. Please ask for ‘Partners in Woodland Creation document’ and claim VAT; other contributions from individuals, organisations and businesses are paid into the Treemendous York Partnership account and released at our request for distribution to selected projects

Public benefit

All the proposals we support must be for the public benefit, and for larger schemes they must be community-led. We have already involved the companies, EJOT. Let’s Rent, University of York, the Environment Agency, Parish Councils, disability teams from Brunswick Nurseries in York, and students from Askham Bryan College, in “hands-on” tree planting and regular maintenance help us plant and look after more trees.

Our focus to date has been in bringing forward proposals, Carbon Off Set Opportunities with Treemendous York, for significant planting for Natural Flood Management schemes and for the more deprived suburban areas, on the main road approaches to the city. This complements the many smaller sites we are looking to identify further planting opportunities for 2024/2025.