Knapton safe off-road section, a Rural West York Greenaway

September 2019

This bridleway has a stoned and tarmac surface providing the opportunity for short and medium length circular healthy access and leisure routes and is used daily by dog walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

Funding was kindly provided by City of York Council (CYC), supported by Rufforth with Knapton Parish Council. Along with help from Treemendous York in autumn 2019 a section of 416 metres was planted with 2500 hedgerow trees, including some taller Field Maple and Silver birch trees. There is a mix of native hedgerow trees species including, Wild Privet, Hazel, Blackthorn, Guelder rose, Crab apple, Hawthorne and Dogwood. Hedging plants create wildlife habitats and are superb for capturing airborne pollutants and retaining rainwater to help flash flooding

This Bridleway is soon to be on the CYC and National Sustrans cycle network which is a safe off-road route through the under pass into Knapton and Acomb.

This project was started over 12 years ago after agreements with CYC, the Local Parish Council and the landowner who was so supportive we recently planted a memorial tree in his memory. It is intended further landscape planting will be undertaken to form a continuous green wildlife corridor for this safe off road Rural West Access and leisure route which goes from Rufforth, through an underpass into Knapton, then Acomb to York or down Northfield Lane to the Poppletons & Park & Ride.

We are looking to work with landowners or property owners to come forward to achieve our aims. To find out more

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