Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Tree planting & maintenance
Location Multiple sites across York
Persons at Risk
  • Volunteers for Treemendous York Partnership.
  • Names of attendees are taken at each task.
Pre & during task assessment
  • Site location and conditions are assessed by the task leader prior to any volunteering activity. Specific requirements and control measures will be identified & volunteers informed prior to the task. (EG underground utilities, overhead power lines)
  • During tasks, the task leader will perform dynamic risk assessment informing volunteers of additional hazards and controls as/if they arise.
  • Volunteers will be asked to raise any concerns they may have with the task leader.

What are the hazards? Who might be harmed? What are you already doing to control the risk? What further action do you need to take to control the risks? Who need to carry out the action?
  • Hand tools (Mallets, hammers, secateurs, spades)
  • Moving items (tree stakes)
  • Thorns, twigs, tree guards Puncture wound
  • Scratches
  • Bruising
  • Crush injury
  • Muscle strain
  • Volunteers will be given verbal information prior to task commencing.
    • To check their tools before & after use.
    • Use correct tool for the job.
    • Ensure firm & stable stance & wear sturdy footwear.
    • Don’t over-exert or move large bundles of tree stakes – work within your means, take breaks & ask for assistance.
    • How to use canes/stakes and tree guards.
  • Volunteers will be advised to wear gloves.
  • Task leaders providing tools check they are suitable before sharing.
Induction information to be documented & placed on website. Task Leader & Administrator
Volunteers to be provided with weblink. Administrator
Volunteers to be reminded of key points at tasks. Task leader
First aid kit to be available at all tasks. Task Leader
First aid kit to be purchased Task Leader
Working outdoors Inclement weather (wet, heat, winds) Slips & trips Volunteers will be advised to wear suitable clothing dependent on weather (such as sun protection, waterproofs, warm layers & sturdy footwear). Information to be documented on volunteer invitations & website. Administrator
The task leader will decide if the task will go ahead or be cancelled due to the weather / site conditions. Volunteers will not work if the weather is extreme. Task leader
Volunteers will be advised where the nearest toilet facilities are situated. Task leader
Uneven terrain Slips trips and falls
  • Volunteers will be given any site specific verbal information prior to task commencing.
    • Only dig holes for trees as you plant to prevent empty holes becoming a trip hazard.
  • Volunteers advised to wear sensible, sturdy footwear.
  • Unused tools, equipment & personal belongings are left in a designated place.
Information to be documented on volunteer invitations & website. Administrator
Roadside working Traffic injury Only experienced adult volunteers to do roadside activities during daylight hours, wearing hi viz, facing oncoming traffic. Only activities on roads with a 30mph speed limit or less. Task leader
Tree related tasks Vulnerable adults & children Vulnerable adults & children must be accompanied by a responsible adult during all tree related volunteering activities. Task leader

Risk Assessment for Treemendous York Partnership.

To be read in conjunction with Treemendous York Partnership Health & Safety Policy

Drafted 27/06/2023; Agreed by Chair 12/07/2023; Last Updated 7/08/2023